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Every Good Chief Executive Needs a Plan B. Your job is to see to every contingency. Disaster recovery… business continuity… it’s up to you to leave nothing to chance. You need to be prepared so that your company can continue to operate no matter what the situation. Systemic failure can leave you exposed though. A break down in the power grid disrupts communication and mass transit. It’s how civilization is wired and it doesn’t matter whether it started due to outdated technological infrastructure or as an act of sabotage or terrorism. You and your leadership team are left stranded while out on the street there’s confusion and panic. You’re isolated. Helpless. It’s a nightmare scenario, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now there’s a Plan B for catastrophic situations that you couldn’t previously plan for. Plan B Marine. Plan B Marine provides you and key employees a nautical means of evacuation in the event Manhattan Island ceases to be a tenable place of business. Your Plan B allows you access to a Military Grade all weather response boat maintained in full working order at a West Side location known to you and your key personnel. You’ll be trained in how to operate the boat so that, in the event of catastrophe, you and your team can swiftly and safely evacuate New York City. Plan B Marine covers all the bases for you. Your vessel is docked and maintained for you so that, when the trains and buses are at a standstill and all the bridges and tunnels are closed, you still have a way off the island. Part pragmatic planning, part peace of mind, Plan B Marine prepares you to face disaster head on and come out the other side.


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Plan B Marine covers all the bases for you. Your vessel is docked, maintained and ready so that, when the trains and busses are at a standstill and all the bridges and tunnels are closed, you still have a way off the island


We are former Telecom executives who know a thing or two about a good Plan B. We ran our business out of lower Manhattan and had switches at One World Trade Center, 90 John Street and 111 Eighth Ave. Our contingency plan called for battery back ups, generators and fail over switches to our disaster recovery site located in New Jersey our Plan B helped the company weather 9/11 without down time. We sold that business and, since we’re both marine enthusiasts, we’ve made a cottage industry restoring and supplying pleasure craft. More recent events have caused us to consider how our prior and current lives might be fittingly brought together. We know boats, we know business contingency plans and we have relationships at docks and with navigation authorities. We live and work on Manhattan Island and understand just how quickly things here can become complicated. Plan B Marine is the culmination of our life’s work. We have a Plan B that we think is worth sharing. We’d love to talk with you about it and see what you think.. Plan B Marine deploys only the best. Our in-board, diesel, prop driven fleet of Willard Sea Force 700 and Zodiac 7 m and 10 m Hurricane Rigid Inflatable Boats and 8 m SAFE Boat Defenders Coast Guard Boats, can have you across the Hudson in three to six minutes. They come in cabin, or center console, have room for 18+ passengers and their robust construction ensures constant unsinkable seaworthiness. We’ll help you pick out and outfit the boat that’s right for your needs. Nothing to purchase. You only pay an all inclusive annual fee for this one of a kind service.

Phone: 646-600-5380          Email: planbmarine.com@gmail.com



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Plan B marine will train you in most aspects of boat operation and marine safety. In the event of catastrophic failure, you and your team will be ready to go.

Phone: 646-600-5380       Email: planbmarine.com@gmail.com



Plan B maintains your Military RHIB boat and keeps it fueled, maintained and ready to go. Then, in the event evacuation is required, you simply proceed to your boat’s Westside location.

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Plan B Marine deploys only the best. Our in-board, diesel, prop driven fleet of Willard SeaForce 700 and Zodiac Hurricane Rigid Inflatable Boats can have you across the Hudson in 3 minutes.


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Willard Marine has a proven track record of designing and building some of the safest, most rugged vessels in the world….



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Built to U.S. Navy Standards, this is the cabin version of our 10m Standard Navy RIB. Powered by twin inboard diesel engines and water jets, this RIB comes equipped with …


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Our mission is to leave no CEO without a Good Plan B. We outfit and maintain emergency evacuation boats as an alternative to chaos in the event the unthinkable happens. We provide peace of mind and the fastest possible way off the island under catastrophic circumstances.

Phone: 646-600-5380        Email: planbmarine.com@gmail.com




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